Established in 2011, Whirlwind International Group has embarked on a transformative journey, giving birth to groundbreaking brands that resonate with our diverse and vibrant audience. From pioneering People’s Telecom Ltd, Jamaica’s first telecom network offering patois services, to crafting innovative calling cards for international connections right from the island, our commitment to enhancing communication has been unwavering.
Our dedication to creating exceptional experiences extends to our premium turnkey venue rental in Kingston, Jamaica. Here, individuals can host a wide range of events, from intimate baby showers to grand weddings, corporate gatherings, and unforgettable parties. This venture has given rise to the Marketplace Entertainment Centre for the Arts (MECA), now renowned as Jamaica’s foremost venue rental and Premium Nightclub.
At Whirlwind International Group, innovation runs deep in our DNA. We introduced Jamaica’s first shot drink, Jamkila, infused with the essence of the island’s rich heritage. Our unwavering support for the Black community is reflected in our platform, which champions Pan-African content and movements, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment.
Central to our identity is a commitment to disrupt industry norms by exploring new technological frontiers across various sectors. As we continue to evolve, our aim remains clear: to create, inspire, and challenge conventions, all while delivering value and memorable experiences to our cherished audience. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where innovation knows no bounds, and traditions are reshaped.
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