Breaking the Chains: Garvey Institute's Milestone Scholarship Ignites Hope for Equality in Education

The Garvey Institute for Human Development, under the leadership of CEO Michael Dawson, has established a scholarship fund for the daughter of Dale and Sherine Virgo. The Virgo family gained widespread attention when the Supreme Court ruled against their child’s admission to Kensington Primary School due to her dreadlocked hair, sparking outrage in the entertainment industry. Dawson, deeply moved by the Virgos’ story, initiated the scholarship to support the family and address unjust treatment within the education system. The scholarship, which covers tuition, books, and school supplies, was handed over to the Virgos on Marcus Garvey’s birthday, emphasizing the institute’s commitment to marginalized individuals.
Dawson, reflecting on his personal experience as a businessman marketing Strictly Roots Spring Water with an African symbol, expressed solidarity with the Virgos’ struggle against societal discrimination. The scholarship, originally planned for October, was expedited to assist the Virgo child. Dawson emphasized the institute’s dedication to helping those facing injustice, citing a previous scholarship for UWI law students who lost sponsorship for supporting dancehall. The renewable scholarship aims to support the Virgo daughter throughout her education, and another fund in her name will assist children facing similar challenges, reinforcing her role as a symbol for correcting societal wrongs.
The Virgo family expressed gratitude to the Garvey Institute and Strictly Roots Spring Water for enabling them to change schools for their daughter. They pledged to continue their advocacy against hair discrimination and discrimination based on black identity, highlighting the ongoing fight for equality and inclusivity in the education system.

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